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February 10, 2016

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New Plant Profile

Juneberry flowers Our newest plant profile is of the Juneberry (Amelanchier x lamarckii) a beautiful deciduous shrub or small tree. Beautiful spring flowers, showy (and edible!) fruits, and brilliant fall foliage are just a few traits that recommend growing this species as a landscape item. Interestingly, this Juneberry reproduces by apomixis, so you should read more » about this low-maintenance beauty that grows in USDA Zones 4 - 8 to find out what apomixis means.

Members of the genus Amelanchier are collectively referred to as the serviceberries or Juneberries. Two other serviceberries are profiled in Floridata's Plant Encyclopedia:

Spring Past

Floridune There's not a sign of spring to be seen where I am in Kentucky, but back home in Florida's panhandle (Zone 8), it's already begun. I re-formatted and re-posted my springtime Gardener's Journals from 2003. I'm working on the remaining Journals and will posted them over the next several weeks as they are completed.

The Hawaiian Silverswords

Hawaiian silverswords We will be re-formatting and re-posting all of Dr. Bruce Bohm's articles, including the Flowers of Hawaii book, on Floridata in the coming weeks. Read about Hawaii's famous silversword plant that live on the sides of volcanoes in The Hawaiian Silverswords Flagship Plants of the Islands. Learn more about these unique plants in the followup article Iliau-Kaua`i's Silversword.

You'll find more links on our Articles and Resources page.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

daffodils Spring flowering bulbs like tulips and hyacinths are planted in the fall. Those living in the Deep South and similar warm climates have best success with the daffodils (aka jonquils, narcissus, etc.). Read Ray's article about The Daffodils and then check out Floridata's Narcissus spp. Profile.

Spring Ephemerals

liverleaf flowersThe dainty little round-lobed hepatica Anemone americana is a "spring ephemeral" wildflower. These are forest-floor wildflowers that bloom very early in spring, maturing and becoming dormant by mid-summer. Many of these are among the first to bloom so look for these others in the coming weeks:

Butterfly Favorites

'Paprika' Yarrow Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a North American native wildflower species that thrives in the heat and humidity of mid-summer. 'Paprika' is a particularly showy cultivar that is also attractive to butterflies. Download a large version to display on your desktop.

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Breakfast Baobab

baobab tree The baobab (Adansonia digitata) is a magnificent and unusual looking tree from Africa where the fruit is used to prepare a beverage. I was surprised to see that Kroger is selling an organic coconut and baobab granola cereal! I am not making this up - here is a photo of the product. Mmmmm, baobab-y!

Beautiful Beans

cowpea or southern pea The species Vigna unguiculata has many forms, each identified by common names that you may recognize: cowpea, southern pea, black-eyed pea, Jerusalem pea, field pea, yard-long bean, asparagus bean, etc, depending on subspecies and variety. It is the newest edible bean species to be profiled on Floridata - other beautiful beans worth growing and eating include:

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Kitchen Herbs

Parsley Steve sent me this picture of his "bonsai" potted parsley Petroselinum crispum plants. Parsley is usually grown as an annual but sometimes, if protected from freezing temps, will grow on and on to form thick gnarly stems. Click to download a large version of the bonsai parsley. More herbs to consider (many of these will grow in pots on your windowsill):

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